Word used intentionally

When I first used the word ‘confisuon‘ I did it purposefully, just to make a deliberate typo. The idea behind this is, that the typo should be an example of confusion. “Wow, how clover is that!”, I can’t hear anybody say, can I? And neither was I  the first one to use this word. Google search gives 520 results. And two images. [ On 17th July 2016 ]. Also a defination of confisuon can be found in Tumblr.

Do you know Confucius? 

I could give you link to his page in Wikipedia for sure. But I won’t. Unless you want. So here you go: Confucius. Don’t come back, unless you want to read more of my confisuon.

I am an eccentric and idiosyncratic person. Sandra said, “A MAZE ING”. So this is about the cryptographic inner workings, or the unexplainable behaviour in the social media that I am known for, am I?

For those who don’t know, I have been active in many networks over the years, established accounts here and there, but ended up in deleting them. Like Carla says, ‘starting with a new canvas’. Comes naturally to me { warm laughter }.

I guess the Internet has copies of my pages somewhere deep down in the archives, of all the messages that I’ve written. It’s o.k. I deleted them intentionally. I also, deliberately, took many snapshots of what I had shared. And I like going through my archives sometimes.

1969_Pietari_Kemppinen_reuhSoo… where would I start?

I might start blogging about these archives, and create categories under the term ‘CONFISUON’. Yes. Definitely. So that I can grow my archives { belly laughter }. Who said : Those who tell stories, rule the world?  

Anyway,  I am a storyteller. It’s in my genes, and I’ve inherited the eccentric idiosyncrasy from my father’s father: Pietari Kemppinen. And I am proud of this inheritance.

To begin I list some of the categories here, and add more contents, and articles later. Thus this is just a start. It’s funny, but it seems that I can’t remember everything, can I?