Voimasointuja tulossa !

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Canoe Song (Native American Indian)

My paddle’s smooth and bright parting the waters Bald eagle glides in flight Swish, swish we sing — Lyrics by a listener in Youtube JOZ (FaceBook): spiritual tomfoolery,getting in between you n me,when all we need is to show up n bee here now, with open arms heart n mind, no separation no dividing lines, its time…


PhotoLab enables making enhancements on photos , creating gifs and applying others’ design . I played with it this Christmas , and made some photos ‘stand out’ , so to speak . Merry Christmas   Peace be with you From My Heart to your Heart – Jouni Sakari More of these photos can be found…

Bzz bzz – Spiritual brother

From what I have found about connections , there have many times been synchronicities, that are unexplainable. One of these is meeting with Joz, I know our spirits travel in dimensions that are beyond rational.