Peace and Hello Says the Sentient Being

In deep gratitude for your interest in supporting an Artist for Peace and Freedom. I once joined a group, and the name was ‘Artists for Freedom’ back then. I paid for the participation, but they misspelled my name, and send me an certificate for participation that I could not accept, unless it was made purposefully, so.

I have also supported the orphans in Uganda, and created page in Facebook and sent them money via Western Union. I never got affirmation that the money reached the target, the orphans of the landslide victims in Bududa . I had to delete the page ‘Uganda Adenga’, because I was not absolutely sure whether my support was going in the right target.

Anyway, I hope that my offering was used for good purposes.

I have supported Unicef and the Finnish association for deaf people (Kuurojen liitto) regularly, and I am buying lots of stuff from the local ‘Save the Children -flea market’ (Pelastakaa lapset ry), which works totally based on volunteer work.

Voluntary work

I also have been doing a lot of voluntary work in the Imatra Clubhouse, and helped members, and offered assistance when needed.

This summer I participated as a photographer in an event ‘Black and White Theatre Festival‘. I traveled with my bike back and forth to the places, and edited the material so my work lasted for two weeks, and could not attend in the clubhouse, where my assistance would also have been needed. I did that work, because I am interested in both theatre and photography, including taking videos.My daughter, whose camera I had to loan, got a ticket to the main show, and she enjoyed it. I got one lunch, and I enjoyed very much eating it with a good friend. My camera (Olympus OM-D E-M10) was broken back then, and I felt that ‘my pet is sick or dying’. I was so relieved when I got the camera back, because it didn’t cost me anything.

My camera is like a pet

I still had the guarantee, and it didn’t matter that I had dropped the camera by myself on the floor by accident. I was so excited when I was training playing guitar with a singer, to accompany her in ‘a fiesta’ organized by the previous clubhouse manager Mrs. Sinikka Kurri in the previous clubhouse.

I have been offering my knowledge and experience in the clubhouse community for about half a year now, and I have not received any economical compensation for the work, but a € 15 gift card to a shop to buy me nuts, chips, and peanut butter, and some other stuff like that.

I really enjoyed making the homepage for the clubhouse, because making home pages is my hobby. I have made many of thems.

I have also had many interesting projects, and the greatest reward that I have, is a happy mind, because I have felt, that I have performed well.


In my life, I  have made many DVD’s, computer systems, reporting systems, project systems, invoice systems, customer feedback questionnaires, that have been used to help people save their time. All just to help them go forward with their goals.

These include EHP, Perkka Valmennus Oy, Innotiimi Oy, Vmeste, Kuokkalammen lohi.

Now I have realized, that my time is limited.

I have become very aware of that now. I have a purpose of my own

I am always on the side of the weaker one!

I have had ‘a rich life of problematic experiences’, in a way, that has made me very humble. It includes being left in a foster home when I was 3 years of age. Since then I have moved every 2.7 years in average during my life now at the age of 54 years of existence. I have suffered nervous breakdown, lost my own family, my house, my fortune, been many years in hospital, because of depression, and mania with psychosis. I have been generous, and given money and ‘my resources’ for  nearly anybody who has asked for them. I have learned to protect myself, but it is not easy.

I am still vulnerable, the emotional level of my being is still on the level of the three year old boy. I cry a lot. Seeing suffering in this world makes me very sad, and I feel extremely helpless.

Spending money

I have also enjoyed the possibilities to travel. After the divorce I spent all money and traveled e.g. to Thailand. Seeing poor people there in Bangkok made me give all my money to them, and my friend could not understand that. But I was happy to see the smile on the face of the blind woman whose hands I touched, or the boy with only one leg -who vanished from the bridge where he was begging – so quickly.

I have had identity problems, and I have done extremely hard work to find balance in my being. Today, on 10th of August 2016, we got an announcement from the manager in the Imatra Clubhouse, that a member of the clubhouse had passed away. I suppose he never remembered my name, but called me ‘friend’, when he wanted my attention. I will always remember him. He was such a kind person.

Current situation

Just before the announcement, I was supposed to participate a meeting where we would have started defining the ‘meta definition of the clubhouse information system’. I became totally unenergized, cried for half an hour, and could do nothing else but change to another team, and serve in the café, and start writing my memories of the man, who was talented with many instruments. Music was the thing that connected us. There might be a song coming for his memory. I already have the chords in my mind, but the words have not yet started coming.

 My situation is this at the moment: I have just reactivated my business, that I started 20 years ago in the first place. I have many ideas, and they are for the betterment for anybody who have had bad things happening in their lives. I have learned from my life. Some people say ‘you are too wise’, some say ‘you think too much’, some say ‘you are so deep that it makes me furious’.

On and on,  I will do my best, to serve orphans, those who have been abused, who have been neglected, who have no family, who suffer from mental problems, who need a friend, who need somebody to ‘facilitate their sovereignty’.

I feel that also I, have the right for a better life

 I have made an investment in a laminating machine. I have also started a Camera Club in the local clubhouse. We are eight members, and we don’t have economical resources to buy cameras, or organize exhibitions to become more visible in the society as people who deserve being seen and respected.

The social and health service renewal process in Finland has made Imatra Clubhouse a ‘living example’ of the problematic situation. Should the city keep on refunding the clubhouse, or is it in the field of the newly created administrative areas? I am not a politician, but I can do many things with my ’emotional power’ and sensitivity.

I need help to write ‘My story’.


Here is the link, if the button does not function :

Thank you so much dear,

Blessings from my Heart to your Heart and all those close to your Heart


Jouni Sakari Kemppinen

Sakari Ohjelmistot – Sakari Software
Rastaankatu 7 a 2
55120  IMATRA