Indie go ! – Find “Indigo Old Soul”


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1) Path of Truth – Country

A demo of a country song , bass and drums with MuseScore .

I have only started recording my music at older age , I am 57 years of age , and started playing guitar 50 years ago , my step father had an acoustic guitar , and since then, I have had four guitars . . . one disadvantage in playing guitar is , that my ring finger is only two thirds … I was smashed between a car when I lived in the countryside , my parents left me when I was 2,5 years of age … So there is lot of troubles and mishaps in my life , but music is therapy for me , I guess bass is my main instrument , but have not practised to much .. I wish you healing , blessings from my Heart to your Heart , closest to my heart are the very touching songs , kids songs , lullabies , world music .. Thank you for listening , love ya

2) A Funk of Crazy

This song has words, but they are bad … I could make better ones … what’s tragic in my life , that I have had very serious mental health problems .. . at age 34 I was taken to hospital in acute psychosis … I have many diagnosis , and they are about the symptoms only … the original reason is the trauma in the childhood , when my parents left me … anyway , during 23 years I have become more whole , and I wish you enjoy this music , it comes from “A HEALED HEART”

3) Indigo – Old Soul – Original Soundtrack

This is a song to the lyrics of Jozzie B. Ellison . .. I have met many people in the virtual reality , and my empathy is such strong , that I can feel people just reading their texts , looking at their images … The song to these words came in just a minute , and I recorded the song prior practising . . . I guess the TELE-EMPATHY is the super power that I have developed , due to my traumatic childhood experiences . . . Sometimes the energies I take in are heavy , but here is a good sense of freedom , joy and wisdom behind … the sorrows , nobody is alone … bless !

4) HeYamaYo Curawaka Lakota – Song

I found the song in AUDEIA , and as this song has the “he he he he” , I think Marc B. Hicks wanted me to make a song of this … in one comment from March 2019 he stated : “NOTE :ADD to ADD two Voice fore hear hear DEtock,,,,” , and I can see this now … there is telepathy between Hearts … I have never heard the song , so I made it “INDIE” … Roger … Sandra Irene … The image has been shared by Carla Ivette on Marcks timeline in Facebook . . . blessed be _/\_

5) Indigo – Old Soul – Healing

The background has been done with MuseScore , and the lyrics are from Jozzie B. Ellison . The composition and arrangement is by Jouni Sakari. The day I got to know that dear beLOVEd virtual friend Marc B. Hicks had passed away , I was sitting by the computer , and dedicated this to him. He was a very humorous person , whom I admire . He was a Wizard , and … hmm… I guess I am one too , lots of healing energies are being received , and sent from my Heart . Love ya !


A new version of Indigo – Old soul , the lyrics by Jozzie B. Ellison, Image in co-creation with Georgia Brooks . This is the very original recording , that came in few minutes just after reading the lyrics by Jozzie . Meeting people who are family , who just feel close to the heart , I have made many friends in Facebook , and … my travels in the Virtual World are many , just about the dreams , I can see things sometimes happen before … so I have time to react making it true , from the Heart , I make a lot of HeArt , that is , I process things related to being a man , manhood , identity … Blessed bee !

7) Gay Wedding March

The Finnish Cadence March “Eikä me olla veljeksiä” ( We are no brothers , even we are together ) can be considered as a Gay Wedding March , too .

I have been with men , and women , so I guess I am Bi , not only bi-polar in that way . Nowadays I feel , that I could be ready to love again . I have been married , and there are two adult daughters in my family . . . Divorce was a heavy experience . I wish love to all !

8) On the Shore – Poetess Saima Harmaja – Jazz Waltz

The lyrics of Saima Harmaja , and the original note of my sister singing this in 1970’s

9) Alsad suugaa minii eej – in Finnish

Translation of the Mongolian Folk song , this is beautiful .. I hope you like my Finnish translation , too.

This is about my love to the World music . The original song is Mongolian , and a young boy had performed the song in Talent competition . I translated the words into Finnish with the connotation of the original vowels of the lyrics . I think it is quite close to the original vowel harmonies .. In the image I was 5 years of age , that summer my finger was crushed between the bus size store car in the countryside in Finland , Ruokolahti . I was born on 12th of April, 1962

10) Mother – Bossanova

Learning musical genres is fun ! This took many months to accomplish . The song is based on a poem by Arja Hautala in MBR ( Mental Beauty Records ).

Learning is easy , when I can do things in practise . Learning different programs is fun . I have been a systems architect in my life , designed computer programs , done evaluations , feedback systems and so … ( read more in Soundcloud )

11) Landing in the New World Together – Country

Forgiveness is something that gives space to something new. Original lyrics by Jozzie B. Ellison , translation by Jouni S. Kemppinen.

The story of this song , why made it like the squirrels sing it ?
I have not trained singing , and many say , that it “doesn’t sound sober”. I don’t consume , but do smoke . Sometimes have sore throat , but who doesn’t ?

12) Rock – A Rat Stepped On My Foot

Trying out , I’ve never played in a band , wanted to make a rock …

One of my friends , whom I met in the Summer 2019 , said that “a rat stepped on his foot ” , and we thought of making a song of that . So I made this , the lyrics contain swear words , perhaps I could make the recording with them too, should I share it too ?

13) Pinchy Picky Nose

Oh . You can paste the link , and WordPress creates a playable widged ! How handy !

So you want to click that , don’t you.

14) Be Someone to Somebody

Music is therapy, and you can be , someone to somebody.

Shared this image , because I met this beautiful lady in Helsinki . She came to me and asked me , “What are you doing” … I was just taking a selfie, because the lights on the ceiling were such interesting , focusing on the head … And she took the selfie too , such a wonderful person , who made me smile … anybody can be someone to somebody , “You can be tired but happy”

15) Turkish Lullaby

‘An oriental lullaby’ ?

I love marking notes on MuseScore … sometimes using different instruments … I once had a midi keyboard , but gave it to my younger daughter .

The oriental , different world music , and native music are close to my heart . Like the Finnish folk songs , I have made many notes of songs , that are in the tradition of Finnish people .

Lullabies especially are , in my opinion , the very essence of healthy mind . Need to sleep well , to feel you are loved , and that there is somebody in the morning wishing you good morning ! Good morning my friend 🙂

Stay tuned , more will come , connect >>> JOUNI SAKARI <<<

Coming – Finnish Folk Songs as new arrangements

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 “It is only in the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”  — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry




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