Personal Antistigma Process – three steps


DFZ = Diagnosis Free Zone . Campaign initiated by Lahti clubhouse.
SCR-# = Solution Centered Results -Matrix
EbE = Expert by Experience
PSOB = Peer Support Over Borders

Short self-therapy is possible. With a simple process, you can work through difficult issues and find new steps  in recovery and rehabilitation. Remember that everyone is responsible for their own lives, and is also the  best expert of their mental health. If you feel the need for help from professionals, please contact them.  Read and learn more about stigma, and how to overcome it: BBC Mental health and stigma: ‘You’re not alone’

The conscious mind can program itself. In this you might need help, and often therapy is the way to learn  new ways of thinking. The SCR #   has been developed  to make it  possible to change e.g. harmful behaviour.

With the guidance in this article you can apply  a nine step procedure to   overcome the stigma of diagnosis with the help of people close to you.

Through SCR # method I have been able to target  my will to do things I have had to do to get on with my life. Anyone can learn the method. If you are interested and want more information >> contact – Jouni Sakari <<<

How to stop  personal stigma you might have about mental health issues?


When you think about mental health issues, what do you think about the diagnosis and what do others think about it?

  •   In any safe place where your peers, friends, family, and others around  can see you, and know about your diagnosis, you can start collecting  insights and ideas from these people.
  •   Tell them about the diagnosis you have and then ask the question :  Is the diagnosis the only thing that defines me and my future?  and then collect answers.
  •  Take notes of what they think is more important than the diagnosis you have! Add to your notes your own thoughts, too, about what you are, despite of the diagnosis.

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    I have personally participated in the diagnosis  free zone campaign, and it has given me ever so much self-confidence. The most important realization for me was, that I have my own will to recover and to move forward. Ultimately, we all are responsible for our own well-being – Jouni Sakari

Jouni SAkari Kemppinen
Jouni Sakari Kemppinen is an Expert by Experience  , and he has done much preventive mental health work in Finland.  


Procedure: This you can do alone. Take a large sheet of paper. Write your diagnosis in the center of the paper. Draw a nullifying ‘X’ across the diagnosis.  Around it, gather the adjectives from the notes.   This helps you alleviate the stigma that may have been caused by the diagnosis. Find some of us who have done this process in the  Lahti Clubhouse 

  • Assessing your own beliefs, what do you think are your most important qualities? Which of your friends’ estimates you agree to?
  • Realizing that these determinations you are making now are more important than the diagnosis you have received, may this new insight  help you value yourself more? How does this feel to see yourself ?
  • How would you share this perspective of hope you found with others? Are you ready to overcome the possible mental burden of stigma? Plan how you will announce your decision.

    Diagnosis and retirement are not fatal. The mental burden they cause can be overcome, and you continue to make meaningful efforts. No one is alone, and everyone has  strengths that benefit others. You are important. – Jouni Sakari


When you’ve gone through these two processes, then you have the option to make an act of will. As you deal with this difficult decision, take notes and enjoy your own power to make the decision to tell your story.

  • You can rest and take your time with confidence by thinking of all the good qualities that people have defined or that you see and experience in yourself.  Becoming public might take some courage.
  • When you have the opportunity,  take a photo of yourself showing  the DFZ  paper you made. You can take the photo by yourself, or ask friends to capture the moment. Prepare your story.
  • Share the photo in public,  and  tell people that you have overcome the shame of having a mental health diagnosis.

    Do not give up . Keep on keeping on! Everyone has their own path, and only you can know what’s best in your life. – Jouni Sakari

 Find the channel in your reach, become visible and heard in your community. Share your story and ideas. You are important!

Good luck and success in your life!


Jouni Sakari Kemppinen
EbE  – Expert by Experience
PSOB – Peer Support Over Borders

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