“Mad” – Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)


What comes of “an abandoned and abused boy” ? The trauma can create false core . It is not an easy task to replace it . For me it took 22 years and there are still symptoms : emotional instability , trust issues , high blood pressure , dependencies .. Would be glad to find the reference group for peer support . The stigma , which has been projected on me, based on the severest symptoms that I’ve overcome , and the diagnosis given by psychiatrists , make it difficult to get job . In Finland #terapiatakuu ( Citizen initiave for Early Therapy in case of mental health problems) is helping the ‘Educated Experts by Experience, participating as interpreters between the professionals and the patients . The vast amount of work upon oneself is ultimately Spiritual Growth and it is the Key to the Change of Culture . The ‘wounded healer’ is the catalyst of the development of mental health care . I can tell you my story. How I survived and what were the key insights that helped me .. ” The Red Thread of the Journey of Soul . ” .. There are still problems to writing it .. in many ways I am lacking ‘normal condition’. I would need economical support, work that pays , somebody to be there with me , a peer , a muse, when I go through my archives .. hoping that I could write my story , and you could read it .. I need affirmation, no disappointments .. the worst feel for me is indifference .. i need love, support and understanding …. Thank you , in gratitude . I am Jouni Sakari [FACEBOOK]

>> READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE : MAD IN AMERICA, SCIENCE , PSYCHIATRY , AND SOCIAL JUSTICE : Congress Holds Historic Hearing on Childhood Trauma, By Leah Harris, MIA Correspondent – July 20, 2019 <<


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