Timer Count – No Restraints

How to make it easy to find out at what time some live podcast starts ?

I have this need to know when a live podcast in Facebook starts .


Because it’s for your own good

Wednesday May 8th , 12pm PT | 3pm ET When is this in my own timezone ?

I can use the pages , where the conversions can be found . So I found this . I know my own time already ! But it doesn’t help. So I find the conversion pages : PT to GTM , and EsT to GTM . So I find the waiting time left.

Then the solution for this calculation to know , what time to wait until the event begins, could be solved . Yes. It’s about the waiting time, we need a counter, and the result of that would be globally correct at one glance !

So I start studying what the WordPress offers for a blogger like me . Too many alternatives ! I lose interest in ten seconds . Something more simple ?

Any counter pages available for free in the Internet ?

Asking this question , and making a google inquiry , gives me Free Countdown Timer for Your Website.

So I copy this on my webpage , and here I have the timer to the event . I checked the timezones many times , and I know that in Finland I need to attend at 10:00, if I lived in London (GMT = UTC) that would be 07:00pm, that equals to 19:00.

EDIT 8th May 2019 12:00PM = 12:00


Now you need the link to the event in facebook , to follow . You need an account in Facebook, follow Rudy Caseres 

Candidate for San Pedro Honorary Mayor. Host of No Restraints with Rudy Caseres. Bipolar. — Rudy Caseres


(1) HeArt The article image reminds me of Rudy . I’ve painted it digitally in 2011 . The spiritual connections can’t be explained, but they exist. Jouni Sakari Kemppinen, (C) 2011 . More of HeArt can be found via his facebook pages : https://www.facebook.com/JouniSakariKemppinen , https://www.facebook.com/kokemusasiantuntija.jounisakari.3 , and https://www.facebook.com/JouniSakariHannuPekkaPellervonPoikaKemppinen

(2) Rudy Caseres Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/rudycaseres . Homepage : https://www.rudycaseres.com/


My name is Rudy Caseres and I am an award-winning public speakersocial media influencer, and event producer. Every week I host No Restraints with Rudy Caseres where I have live interactive candid discussions with the leading advocates in mental health, human rights, and suicide prevention. I advocate for humane treatment in the mental healthcare system and effective suicide prevention. I have given over 100 presentations in which I have shared my story of being bipolar and fighting against forced psychiatric treatment in front of grad students, doctors, psych ward patients, educators, and youth at junior highs, high schools, and juvenile detention facilities. My content has been featured in The MightyThis is My BraveHealthyPlaceThe S WordOC87 Recovery DiariesSweatpants & Coffee, Stigma Fighters, and Schizophrenic NYC. In 2017, I was awarded the NAMI CA Outstanding Peer of the Year and I was named one of The Mighty’sMental Health Heroes of 2017. Aside from a brief stint serving in the US Army, I have proudly lived in San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA my entire life. — https://www.rudycaseres.com/

(3) Mielen mainingeista yhteisöblogi https://mielenmainingeista.home.blog/ , The Community Blog ‘Mielen mainingeista’ of the Bipolar Association of Finland ( Kaksisuuntaiset ry , Finland ) . The articles have not yet been translated, but we are working on it.

” Toipumisorientaatio on tulevaisuuden aallonharjalla ! ” , ” Recovery Orientation – Surfing on the Wave Crest to the Future ”  — Jouni Sakari (Kemppinen)

(4) Diagnosis Free Zone campaign, #dfz : https://www.phklubitalot.fi/diagnosisfreezone/ . A Campaign  against the stigma of mental health diagnoses , started by voluntary Clubhouse members in Finland in Lahti .

(5) Taklaa stigma -campaign : #taklaastigma :  https://www.mtkl.fi/toimintamme/taklaastigma/ A voluntary campaign to raise awareness of mental health problems, and their impact in the society , and to tackle the   ice of stigmatization  towards mental health, and those who have problems with their mental health. Each and everyone should be met as human beings. #ihminenensin

(6) Terapiatakuu -campaign :  #terapiatakuu : https://www.kansalaisaloite.fi/fi/aloite/3890 . A Citizen initiative to change legislation in Finland so, that therapy could be given as early as possible. Follow >> Alviina Alametsä

(7) Mejuukimpassa -campaign : #mejuukimpassa : https://www.facebook.com/groups/455032991709030 . A group to give thanks to those , who do preventive mental health work . Initiated by the educated Volunteer Peer Group Facilitator and Specialist and Mental Health Expert by Experience , Jouni Sakari Kemppinen . Follow >> MTKL ,  >> Taiteen Sulattomo , >> Kukunori , >>  Mielenterveyspooli

(8) Empowering Photography : Therapeutically aligned pedagogic method, which has given rise to the Empowering passport -photography. http://www.voimauttavavalokuva.net/english/menetelma.htm


Empowering photography, a therapeutically aligned pedagogic method that Miina Savolainen has developed personally, is based on concept of empowerment. With the help of the method, photography can be used as the creator of an empowering process for an individual and for different groups, as families and work communities. The method has been applied in the 21st century in education, care work and therapy, and in improving work communities in Finland. — http://www.voimauttavavalokuva.net/english/menetelma.htm

(9) Empowering Passport photography : Happily Disgusted : Solution Centered Orientation , SCR-# method in the developing : http://theconversation.com/happily-disgusted-it-could-show-all-over-your-face-24986 .

*A new inexpensive method to get acquainted to own methods
“Seeing oneself from another perspective , can make one feel love for oneself . . I took images of me by myself and learned to appreciate myself , I saw this being *me myself I* from the ‘outside’ .. I have a friend 🙂 ❤ _/\_ (yes)” — Jouni Sakari

Regardless, the next time you find yourself in a happy yet disgusting situation, try to catch a glimpse of your face – it could be what your “happily disgusted” looks like.  — http://theconversation.com/happily-disgusted-it-could-show-all-over-your-face-24986

Happily disgusted
SAM MC’O BECOMES WHOLE – A PSYCHOLOGICAL SELF STUDY WITH VIRTUAL AND IMAGINARY FRIENDS https://jounisakariblog.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/sam_mc_o_becomes_whole.pdf

(10) Prevention of Mental Disorders : Wikipedia article : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prevention_of_mental_disorders

Targeted vs universal
There has been an historical trend among public health professionals to consider targeted programmes. However identification of high risk groups can increase stigma, in turn meaning that the targeted people do not engage. Thus policy recommends universal programs, with resources within such programs weighted towards high risk groups.[48]

Universal prevention (aimed at a population that has no increased risk for developing a mental disorder, such as school programs or mass media campaigns) need very high numbers of people to show effect (sometimes known as the “power” problem). Approaches to overcome this are (1) focus on high-incidence groups (e.g. by targeting groups with high risk factors), (2) use multiple interventions to achieve greater, and thus more statistically valid, effects, (3) use cumulative meta-analyses of many trials, and (4) run very large trials.[49][50] — Wikipedia : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prevention_of_mental_disorders

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