SCR-# Report, 14th Nov 2018

Jouni Sakari Productions

Summary of year 2018

What is the result of activities in 2018, and what will come in 2019 ? Some coins in the case.

It seems to me, that the activities are in balance , anyway, always. The choices one makes, result in some kind of responses from others, and there is continuous change. Well, tell me a truism that isn’t true, eh.

I have planned many things, and some of my plans have succeeded , and some have not been realized. That’s the way it goes. You can correct things, explain, and then you can just go forward.

“Autonomous can be altruistic , selfish can not. ” — Jouni Sakari

The Writers Course materials should be translated in English. The course starts only if there are people who’d participate. It requires showing interest, and taking own initiative to work with me. No solution can be given, anybody involves in their own life by making own decisions.

The ‘end-report’ for year 2018 has not yet been written. I will have a development process at the end of the year, no processing date has yet been decided. 

Hopes, Dreams and Striving for smth.

Seems to me, we thrive and strive to achieve anything we need, hope,and dream of. It always is ‘something better’. I have this metaphysical assumption, that ‘Better exists’. Everything I do seems to be challenging the arguments, but I am alive. So I have not been excluded from the equation. And now I remember the movies of Matrix. What is it like to be Neo ?

I am not Neo, I am Jouni Sakari. But you can call me Neoneoneo , and you hear my name… do you ?

Decisions, actions, acting out

Being a voluntary creative character comes with great responsibilities. You need to rest enough, and what ever you do, should be in accordance what you have decided? Hmm… being spontaneous is easy when you have no fear. I keep on keeping on with my journey in this life. And I am grateful for all the co-travelers. Let us smile :). I am sorry if anybody feels I have been angry, am angry, or tend to be angry. The stress comes out in ventilation.

“I’m not bossy, I just have better ideas.” — A saying

I can’t promise you anything? I try to do my best. I hope we find out the ‘Friendship behind any arguments’. We are here on the same planet. 

Thank you! I am sorry. I love you! Please forgive me! 


What guides our life? It’s a profound question. I have this feeling, that I want to feel the Spring 2019. I see flowers, I hear laughs, I see smiling faces, I sing, I dance, I life fully… I hope for joy.

Jouni Sakari Productions
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