“Love Widely .. and More!”

“Love Widely .. and More!”

Life is a multi-step path to take
There are many small adversities
and then the bigger ones come
” Just right in the morning the house was burnt
and the stonewall was left only”.

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The father said to his son,
“Put the false money in your bag,
maybe it bring you blessing of happiness,
take the accordion too,
so that you can spend some time in the evening”.

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Many still remember what was the bath of the Pattle,
and “how did the forest fall,
and the roads were made,
when even the water was ice in fire “

Sometimes you just let it be,
and then you came to the “fields with no corners” where
“the port holds a gray fence”.
So the boy called the heels , and they were there.

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Money did not entertain his pocket, but when he sang,
he got peace, and “all the troubles were all forgotten”.
He was strong ! “Like the larvae in the crates”,
when there were only hunger left.

Many are the laws and regulations in the world,
but you can still live together and hug each others
without knowing anything of
” The basic support subsidy assistant
rental care family allowances”.

If there was anything that helped,
he received what Life had to offer .
“The only thing that sucks everything,
is the Earth approaching. “

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We have danced, sung and gone away,
now sitting by an old bench at Duck Pond and thinking of
“The memories that come to my mind now
are related to the bench where I am sitting “


“People arelike small ants on the endless path,
warming up their sides my friend,
trying their best, everyone,
and beauty and goodness remains in between “

Newbies write text messages, love is the note !
There are some wonderful memories to return to;
the first love, some kissing, hugs …
“Once again I go to the shore on the road to Karelia,
and I know who’d see the stamp on this letter”

What is the man’s fault
when it does not go as in Hollywood?
We should drink tar , and use some “Iron nerves”
“The work has been done and the bread has been eaten.
Somebody has done back from Sweden.”

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The road calls many, and the walkers are men, who,
“away from home – the passers-by run”
And we hear the sad saying:
“Again you call me to go,
so far away I will get my peace.”

Damages happen,
that’s some sort of a way
to pocket and go, but then
“Sacked, shoes stolen, better than empty, just smile!”

The bitter memories of the Reddies,
sorrows are not worth hiding,
lights are cast,
and many cheated.
“I am sorry, to give you, this song, to sing.”

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The signs of repentance and the disappointments in them !
It’s good to try to be a man, and do the service.
“You get roses from the lurker, that threw your luck away,
but not your youth and beauty…”
Was there anything else, that you could have asked for?

If it was not easy for a man, then it was not easy for a woman either.
Limpers Joyee crashed, and asked “Did the heroine get paid?”.

Screen Shot 09-13-18 at 09.47 AM

In the bars, they improve the world,
and there substitute for breastfeeding,
and again , allowed to go there !

“I will sell the only cow
emptying the store,
and answer to the calling
of the culture ringing !”

We are the survivors,
inventions and exchanges,
not depending of the color,
it is about how to dance.

But nobody reach nothing no way nowadays
” Davie Backgrow had the beautifully big ears “

And the walkers continue their journeys,
and the elders escape from their homes !
“You don’t not know what it means to him, do you ?”

“There’s a golden warm summer day on the highway”

Screen Shot 09-13-18 at 09.46 AM 001

We remember this evening,
the lovely smells,
the greatest happiness.

“I just walked with you, and I looked,
I looked blue,
only just for a moment”

 A Collage of the Story “Love Widely – And more !” by Jouni Sakari .

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