Defence ‘n’ Coping

Sam Mc'O
Sam Mc’O 


Special thanks to Mr. Raymond Lloyd Richmond, you are a source of inspiration and knowledge for me, and you have taught me how to push forward with creativity.
The list of defence mechanisms on this page has been used as a source in this psychological self study, and the images have bee co-created in the flow of creative process in virtual reality by the mercy of God.
~ * P * ~ AN ~ DI ~ EL ~ MO ~ HUM ~ * A * ~ NIE ~ MOH ~ * X * @ J.S.K.

(C) Jouni Sakari Kemppinen 2014-2017, with ACER Aspire TC-105, Bitstrips, OpenOffice Writer and Gadwin Screen Capture PRO

13.7.2018 DONATION

Hi I have studied your pages , and made a publication ( a comic strip ) of defence mechanisms . Just to let you know , that I am grateful . Sorry for late donations . Best regards Jouni Sakari Kemppinen 

A Guide to Psychology and its Practice 5,00 USD
“This website, A Guide to Psychology and its Practice, is written in a straight-forward, plain, conversational English that anyone should be able to understand. Moreover, for the sake of truth, there is no advertising on this website. ” — Dr. Raymond Lloyd Richmond, San Francisco 

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