Canoe Song (Native American Indian)

Paavo Martikainen

My paddle’s smooth and bright parting the waters
Bald eagle glides in flight
Swish, swish we sing — Lyrics by a listener in Youtube

JOZ (FaceBook): spiritual tomfoolery,getting in between you n me,when all we need is to show up n bee here now, with open arms heart n mind, no separation no dividing lines, its time to clear the fear n build a bigger table,to bee ready willing and able to do the right thing to love n feed all the beeings regardless of the words we choose to use to describe our paths, it only works when we walk hand in hand, this is all of our land to tend to mend let the old world end, let it all bee sacred again…..

JUN: Here in virtual reality the bigger table is served with offerings , the wisdom each and everyone has gained of their lives … many are hungry , and they let know that they are present 🙂 ❤ (y) _/\_ … and they come again and again … I feel some are hurrying , they don’t stop , it’s these times ? … but we make the times ! Big smiles … I hear a song with the melody of Tom Dooley , but it start something like : ” Lift up your head … and smile ” , good vibes , changing attitudes , I hope I can make a ‘carrier’ of this , so I will do my best, it is now … Receiving an attunement here …. This is a better carrier

cONNECT  the Music !

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