Muisto – A Memoir

Sakari Software - Cap



Following my own orders , I am doing a process , and I am calling it CONNECTING MYSELF . FIRST So , what is the situation ? I find myself sitting quite comfortably after a long day, my skin somewhat red and hot, sunburn… The sensations are not bad though… and I think of what all has happened during the last month, as I attended the course ‘Keys of Change’ ( Muutoksen avaimet ), my thought processes during that time are becoming articles that I will publish in a series… I did keep daily diary of what insights, ideas and thoughts I had, so it is quite easy to connect again to the precious processes I had… emotionally I am feeling very grateful, somewhat tired, but in a happy way , the translation of the word ‘kyllyys’ is literally ‘yesness’ , according to Google translator ‘fullness’ ( and body, richness, swell ) … o.k. , my definition for the situation I am now is : “I am swell !!! ” … SECOND To connect myself more , I ask myself , what is my goal ? My ‘volunteer work’ is still active, and I have participated meetings, where I have showed interest to participate, and taken some roles, and duties too. I believe in giving offerings, and I trust that the good that I share, is somehow reflected back to me. So I am doing good to myself, when I care about things that I think are important. So I keep on doing this. … I have loads of ideas, and I should have a notebook always with me , to record the ideas … I need pen and paper, because it helps me to memorize things with the drawings … I noticed that I can’t remember what people talk, and that I need to update my calendar immediately when I promise to work on something , otherwise I will forget it too … my dreams are becoming true ! So my goal is my dream . I want to become TRUE in every aspect of my being . I want to write the Solution Centered Results – SCR-# self study -workbook for those who want to learn the method, and apply it in their lives. That is my goal focus now. And in the winter, I want to go to Spain for couple of weeks. As a summary of my goal, I want to write a letter to my international penpals from there ! THIRD , I ask myself this question: “What decision I need to make NOW, what is my next step?”… and I answer ( gosh it’s great to feel I am never alone 😀 ) … “I need to rest well, and especially now, sleep well before doing anything , and when I do anything , I need to do it well ” … so , it is about tomorrow, and the daily life… I will wake up normally, at 07:25am, then go to ‘my voluntary work’ , get the key , go to pharmacist , then to dentist … after that I don’t have a plan, so I need to start writing I guess, because that is my goal . FOURTH I would need to attach an image here , that symbolizes this process of CONNECTING MYSELF , without need to say anything else. _/\_ 🙂 ❤ (y)




Well . . . This surely made me think of anything about wishes , hopes … and I am astonished / surprised about the gender of the fairies … What did they wish for in the first place ? hmmm … And who is the fairy atm in my life ? hmmm … I guess that I trust just doing things , so I choose to be fair to myself , so I am a fairy person ? ? ? I am male , gosh what a relief to have balls and a rhythm stick after all these wishes 😀 😀 😀 , ROFL

Phrygian cap, Mithra Cap, Freedom Hat instructions

Making this message at 01:13 pm to be sent with the cap , the Phrygian cap / Mithra hat / smurf cap ( to a Canadian fellow smurf, The Mandalaman Hugh Nimmons ) .

Sakari Software - Cap
The Phrygian Cap , Smurf Cap , or Freedom Hat . We have various models . Jouni Sakari , Imatra , Finland 

Some history

They used these under their helmet the early warriors in Greece . The ‘spongy’ part should be filled with lamb wool or something , hays perhaps . The pronze helmets vere heavy I guess . Thiss cap symbolism is related to freedom , so the the name for it is ‘freedom hat’ . You can use it as a night cap too , I guess LOL


I promised to send you instruction of how to do the c ap . o.k. here’s the instruction

  • 1) find the respective image in google ,
  • 2) measure your head ,
  • 3) change the scale to your measure in e.g. Gimp ,
  • 4) print the outlines of your suited model ,
  • 5) cut the pattern , and
  • 6) cut some fabric with the outlines ( remember the seam allowance) ,
  • 7) then cut and sew the cap with machine ( or hand if you find it obligatory ) .
  • 8) You can make two of these hats, and then sew them inside each other , thus making a lining .
  • 9) To make the chin stripes you need measures of your own head , and you can make two stripes and sew them inside the cap as shown in the image #2 .

[ Image #1, Bluebuddies model , (C) bluebuddies , THE IMAGE IS COPYRIGHTED, SO I CAN’T USE IT ]

Phrygian Cap Chin Stripes
a SNAPshot from an article image , where the two stripes of the Phrygian Cap are shown : 

Image #2, Mithra cap from the ancient mosaic on seremony temple floor

Your cap

gREETINGS from a fellowe Smurf from the other corner of the ball , Mother GAia

Yours truly lovingly and sincereley


Jouni Sakari

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