Bzz bzz – Spiritual brother

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From what I have found about connections , there have many times been synchronicities, that are unexplainable. One of these is meeting with Joz, I know our spirits travel in dimensions that are beyond rational.

Our hearts are in tune, and we listen to the source. Or we are the vessels for the source as such.

JOZ ELLISON : We let the light in.

I started hearing melodies reading Joz’s lyrics in June 2018. I guess this is my schizoaffective symptom, but very creative one!   I get the melodies just by reading the text in the facebook update of Joz. And then I put the lyrics on paper, and find the chords with guitar. Then later I might make a simple sheet in Musescore, and use various instruments, or make chords for guitar play . I am learning making sheet music  from the scratches, I have not yet learned   following the notes. Anyway I have advanced in guitar playing , because I have started playing bass . I bought the bass in May 2018. Never ever played electric bass  before in my life.

In silence the best music can be heard . These songs have come in silence, just reading the lyrics of Joz Ellison. I can’t explain the co-creative process , it just happens. — Jouni Sakari

I try to list all the recordings I have made following Joz’s lyrics here in timely order . Not all files are available, there are many recordings and versions. It’s evolving…

Some of Joz’s lyrics & Jouni’s compositions in co-creation

DROPS ON ME ( Rain ), 19th of June,2018

THE WIND BLOWS , 26th of June, 2018

AWAKE , 29th of June, 2018

YOUR HEART’S BEATING, 29TH of June, 2018

EARTH HEART IS HUMMING, 9th of July, 2018

Jouni Sakari sings and plays guitar

EVERY BREATH , 18th of June, 2018

First version

Latest arrangement , 6th of July, 2018

MORNING’S MIST, 24th of June 2018

FORGIVENESS ( Country  ) , 16th of July

Jouni SAkari sings

HEART CENTER (  melody from  CURA SANA ALBUM  9. Because I love you  , used melody to sing Joz’s lyrics )

From Facebook shanpshot

Jouni Sings Jozzie’s lyrics with the melody from above

LIVING AND LOVING , 23rd of June, 2018

CLOUDS N RAIN , 7th of August, 2018

INDIGO , 19th — 24th of August, 2018

Jouni Sakari sings and plays guitar

Co - creation
Indigo – Old – soul , Composition by Jouni S. Lyrics by Jozzie B.

>> MuseScore Scores


Jouni Sakari sings and drums the guitar ), 10th of September 2018

CALLING ON THE CHILDREN OF THE SUN, PDF , 22nd of September, 2018

LYRICS Joz Ellison AND CHORDS Jouni Sakari

Calling_on_the_children_of_the_sun (PDF)

Jouni SAkari sings Calling on the Children of the Sun to the lyrics by Joz Ellison

🙂 ❤ (yes) _/\_

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